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Usage Agreement

By using our services, you agree to the following conditions:


Short links: By using our service, a link will be created that redirects to a link that was defined by the user (you). This link is a so called short link.
Service: the offered free service at ecila.ga (short link creation, account management, etc.)

1. Links

You agree that you will not abuse the service to create short links to illegal, pornographic or obviously disturbing content.
Since the links only redirect to the content chosen by the user, we are not responsible for the linked content itself.

2. Report function

It is possible to report existing short links via a form on our website. If we decide that a reported short link does not fit the conditions of this agreement or the linked site contains illegal content, the short link will be deleted and the previously linked site will be added to our blacklist.

3. Accounts

You can use the service freely without the need to register an account.
If you decide to create an account, you have to specify a username and password in the process. While your password will not be saved in plain text, your username will be visible for us to be able to differentiate you from other users. None of both will openly be displayed at our site outside of your control panel.

Creating an account will give you the following advantages:

4. Private data

We actively store your IP address on creation of a short link for security reasons. If you create an account, your chosen username and (hashed) password will be stored in our database. If you set an eMail address (which is optional at any point), we only use it for login recovery reasons.